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Bet365 Mobile App 95%

Download the Bet365 and become a real profesional sports bettor. If you’ve used the famous Bet365 desktop version, you may not believe you can place bets any faster… but with the Bet365 app you can ✅

Are you one of those people who stop betting wherever you go? Are you are a Bet365 client? Are you not but interested in being one? If you haven’t tried the Bet365 mobile App, keep reading, because you’re about to learn a series of things that will interest you a lot. To begin, we have four important facts:

  1. Bet365 is a leading betting house in many countries (it’s #1 in Spain), so playing with them is a good idea, it is a guarantee of reliability and professionalism. 
  2. Bet365 has one of the largest offers of sports, competitions, markets and services you will find. This is why they’re the leading betting house.
  3. With the Bet365 mobile app for smartphones and tablets, you can enjoy their vast amount of offers and services. 

Seven great reasons to use the Bet365 App:

There are many reasons to use the Bet365 App. There are a few mentioned above, but if that isn’t enough we’ll tell you the reasons why we like this on the go betting app so much. 

  • It makes things very easy for you and (like the web platform) offers a gigantic range of sports, including both previous and live markets.
  • You will never miss out on a good opportunity to bet because you aren’t home—you can bet comfortably and quickly wherever you are. The app is easy and simple to navigate, offering fast and intuitive access to its main features.
  • It has the same key functionalities as the desktop version, like Live-Streaming Services to watch hundreds of live sports matches, not just football. Bet365 broadcasts hundreds of matches from a variety of  sports every month. 
  • You will be able to access special functions like “Close Bet”, live matches, live multi-events and real-time alerts.
  • You will have access to a useful archive and final result search engine for researching previous matches. 
  • If you get tired of betting on the same events, you can also play casino games and poker.
  • Like the desktop version, you can make withdrawals and deposits with a lot of different payment methods. 

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Download and use the Bet365 mobile app for iPhone and Android

Before you download the Bet365 mobile application, you need to be a client of the betting house. So, you must first register with Bet365.

How to download the Bet365 App for Android Devices:

It is relatively easy to download the Bet365 App for Android devices. You have to follow these 4 steps: 

  1. First you must create an account with Bet365 (check Bet365’s terms and conditions and remember you must be 18 years or older).
  2. Once you are registered and logged in to Bet365, use you Android toto access the Bet365.es website. There you will have to download the .apk file.
  3. The .apk file cannot be downloaded from the Google store because Google does not allow sports betting applications. This is why you must download it from the web. 
  4. Go to Bet365 by clicking here and at the end of the page of the mobile version of the website there is a link that says “see all the Bet365 apps”. By clicking on that link you can download the Bet365 betting application and the Bet365 news application. 

How to download the Bet365 App for iPhone and iPad

For iPhone devices, installation is much easier. Apple lets you download the app directly from the Apple store. If you need help with this step, click here. Keep in mind you have to have to keep the app updated. If you don’t update the app, Bet365 will not let you make sports bets. 

The process has less steps than that of Android devices; in this case, there are three steps. 

  1. Create a Bet365 account
  2. Once registered, download the app from the App Store on your Apple device. 
  3. Run the app and enjoy the magnificent Bet365 app!

Special Functions: close bets, live options, quick bet, and alerts

Live Alerts

This app service lets you know what is happening in sports, matches, teams, or competitions you are the most interested in. It’s very useful if you aren’t going to watch or actively follow a game but still want to be aware of what’s going on. You can choose which alerts you want to receive and they will be sent directly to your phone. When you install the app, you will be asked if you want to receive alerts or push notifications. To add favorites to the alerts list, go to the coupon of a match or team you want to follow, scroll down to the “live alerts” tab and select your favorites. You can also choose from the from the “Live” tab the game you’re interested in and ask for alerts; you’ll receive notifications for everything that’s happening in the event.

The graphics and alerts you use in the app will keep you informed at all times:

  • Football: You will be able to know when there are goals, substitutions, cards, the half-time score and the final score…even penalties. You will also be able to combine specific alerts for a team or for your favorite team for a week or even the whole season! The graphics will show you corners, throw-ins, ball possession and even where the play is in on the pitch. 
  • Tennis: Alerts will let you know when a match starts as well as results of games, sets, and matches.
  • Basketball: You will know when there are baskets, fouls, free throws, and time outs.

Close bet

This option of the app offers you far more control over your bets, allowing you to collect before the end of the game to minimize risk if the odds go down or ensure profits if the odds go up. “Close bet” allows you to partially or completely close your forecast. In the case of the former, the rest of the bet remains active. This option is available for certain events and matches in pre-match and direct betting. You can close single and combined bets, but not in all cases! To close a bet from the Bet365 App, select the “My Bets” option at the top and go to the “Close Bet” tab, where you will see all the valid bets you’ve made. Select the bet you wish to close, confirm the order, and you’re done.

Live single and multi-events

With “Live Stream”, you will be able to follow various live sports: football, basketball, tennis, baseball, and many more! These are the Bet 365 live broadcasts. With graphics and texts, you will see how everything develops and not miss any details of the match. The “Live Stream” console will give you all the information in the most outstanding information and in the “Statistics” tab you will see what has happened.

In the highlighted sports you will see a graphic next to the live markets before the game starts. You can make it larger or smaller, any way you like it with the “Change Design” button. If the game is on the “Live Pictures” programming, you can view the images or graphic live in any way you prefer by using the buttons on the player. 

With the “Multievent” function, you can set up a personal page to follow a huge selection of events at the same time. You will find this function in the “Direct” area, where you can add the matches that interest you. You can group events by sport and see up to 12 matches at the same time on your personal live page. If all you want to see, for example, are basketball games, you can select them all with a single click! You can change the layout of the page by choosing the number of columns or by changing the size of the live player. You can also change from “Live Images” and “Live Meetings”, or watch one of them while you follow the rest of your events on the side bars. Whenever you want, you can erase all the selections and from scratch. 

Quick bet

This function is available in the live “Event” and “Multievent” section. You can find it at the top of the betting coupon: choose market, amount, click “bet”, and you’re done. 

Watch live games with the Bet365 mobile App

What happens when you’ve made a bet and aren’t at home or at the pitch to watch the game? The same as when you want to place a bet and you’re not in front of a computer: the Bet365 app comes to the rescue. With this function, brought from the web, you’ll be able to watch hundreds and hundreds of sports matches a year.

We recommend you use this service with a good connection to data or wifi and a good phone to enjoy it at a high quality.

As you can see, our assessment of the Bet365 app is very positive: in addition to the ease of use and the large number of functions, you will have access to great offers as well as pre match and live bets in hundreds of markets. That said, this is an excellent betting app for you to start betting from your mobile device.