Download the Marathonbet Mobile App

If you are already a Marathonbet customer and haven’t tried their mobile app yet, read this!    If you aren’t a customer of this house, this post should interest you even more, as we will explain how to download the Marathonbet app and all the unique perks it comes with.

In case you aren’t too familiar with the house, Marathonbet is a betting house whose value is in the odds—odds that in almost all cases exceed those of other bookkeepers. They don’t make offers nor grand marketing displays, they don’t have a welcome bonus, but their odds are unbeatable. For this reason, if you are already registered with various betting houses and have squeezed the most out of the bonuses in the market (at least the most interesting ones), you may be very interested in trying Marathonbet. 

Apostar es más fácil con la app móvil de MarathonBet.

If you are already a customer and haven’t tried their app you should know that, like any other house, Marathonbet has a mobile app that lets you have greater control over your bets and allows you to bet anywhere and anytime you want. 

Download the Marathonbet App:

The 2.3.1 version of the Marathonbet app was updated in September 2016. You should know it is quite developed because the first version came out in September 2014. 

  • For iPhone: you can download the app here. It’s size is 13MB and is available exclusively in English. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 
  • For Android: as you know Google does not allow sports betting apps on its app marketplace, so you won’t find any bookkeeper apps on GooglePlay. So, to download the Marathonbet app, you need to follow these simple steps:
    • Enter Marathonbet here. If you aren’t registered yet, you will have to do so for before you can see the information about the Android app.  
    • Once you are registered and have access to your account, you will see an ad for you to download the app. As mentioned, if you are registered but not logged into your account, you will not be able to see information about the app.
    • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to configure your Android to “allow installation of unknown resources” or the equivalent option on your device. 

Great reasons to download Marathonbet


Let’s shell out a few reasons why the Marathonbet app is an indispensable tool if you play with this betting house. If you don’t play with them yet, it would be a good idea to read our other post about Marathonbet (like their no Welcome Bonus). There, you will learn that Marathonbet is one of the world’s leading bookkeepers and maintains a declared margin of 1.5%—which explains their fabulous odds. Meanwhile, the rest of the betting houses usually operate around margins of 5%. 


Even if you think there’s no need to download the app because the house has a good mobile web version, its worth downloading in the long run. In fact, the majority of professional live bettors use their houses’ apps.

Apuestas seguras con MarathonBet.

Other advantages of betting with Marathonbet and their app:

1) With all its functions, the app improves the betting experience from your phone or tablet. 

Other advantages of betting with Marathonbet and their app:

1) With all its functions, the app improves the betting experience from your phone or tablet. 

2) The “Quick Bet” feature allows you to bet easily, without wasting time, and in just two clicks. 

3) The clear and sleek design makes it easy to navigate the app, find favourite matches, teams, or players and place your bets!

4) The app is fast, reliable and safe as well as very easy to use.

Variety of games and bets

5) You will have access to the same huge selection of sports, competitions, and markets that you have on the desktop version. In fact, you will be able to bet on sports you won’t find in other houses, like chess or martial arts!

6) You will be able to choose amongst a huge quantity of live bets, including the most popular bets and upcoming events. 

7) Live odds are constantly updated, and as you know, they are Marathonbet’s forte. If the prepared odds are good, imagine the live odds…

8) You will have easy access to all sports and the latest results, you will be able to consult statistics, scores and everything that’s going on en the matches. 

9) With Marathonbet’s mobile application, you’ll get instant access to the best odds in football, tennis, basketball and many other matches. The app pre-installs the interface and only downloads data updates—allowing us to gain precious seconds when placing our bets. 

Those seconds count!

Keep in mind, when you use the web site to bet instead of the mobile app, you are downloading a lot of images, buttons, text, etc. that don’t help you and need time to load. With the app you save this loading time because the app only downloads the kilobytes of new data. When it comes to securing good odds—especially in live bets—those seconds can be precious. Not to mention, this feature of the app helps you save your cellular data.

10) You will be able to view the Top 5 Bets to see what bets are the most popular at any given time. 

11) Deposits and withdrawals are made easy and convenient, as Marathonbet allows the use of both credit and debit cards. 

12) The application offers you information about your bet history. 

Marathonbet, sponsor of Málaga FC

If you are wondering if Marathonbet is a “reliable” bookkeeper, you should know that it has been in the market for a decade and has a huge presence in many countries. It is a house with all the necessary guarantees and licenses to operate legally. Since August 2016, Marathonbet sponsors Málaga FC. The online bookkeeper also supports English clubs like Manchester United.

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Marathonbet UK contact information:

If you have any questions or complaints related to the Marathonbet app, its installation, or the use of any of the other services it provides, you can contact them through the following channels:

Chat: On their website you can access chat, where you will be attended to by Marathonbet agents.

Toll free at 0800 9757882 (UK) & +44 1270 211506 (International): This service is available every day of the week from 8:00 to 23:00. As a guarantee for quality assurance and improving customer support, all calls are recorded.

Email: for general questions and for issues related to deposits, withdrawals, or payment methods. When you use this service, don’t forget to enter your customer information and any other information that could help Customer Service locate your account, incident, or bet. 

You’d be surprised how many people write customer service with emails like (with a username like john13wins) and only write “I can’t cose my bet. Thanks”. Don’t do that, no one can help you with that info.

Post: You may want to write Marathonbet, although its the slowest form of communication, it may be the best option in some cases. 

Send you letter to:

153 Broad St, Crewe CW1 3UD, UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quita las dudas con las siguientes preguntas frecuentes y sus respuestas.

Marathonbet has a mechanism for acquiring “loyalty points”, available to all customers who place bets on the website!

posee un mecanismo de adquisición de puntos denominados de “fidelidad”, disponible para todos los clientes que pueden realizar apuestas en

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are an internal form of “currency” that you win by placing specific sports bets.

How can I use the loyalty points?

Loyalty points can be used to obtain bonuses and prizes from the house’s bonus catalogue.

How can I earn loyalty points?

Loyalty points are awarded for bets on qualified sports bets (bets with a minimum quantity of 10£ placed on minimum odds of 1.30). Win or lose the bet, you earn the loyalty points. If you place multiple bets, only those that meet the above criteria will qualify. The bonus points are awarded once the bets are settled. Cancelled bets will be settled according to the 1.00 odds.

What does the rate of earning loyalty points depend on?

The speed of earning loyalty points depends on (a) the amount of your bets  and (b) your current loyalty level. The higher the bet, the more points you will earn, and the higher your level, the more points you earn for the same amount bet. 

What are the odds? Why do they change?

The odds are the probability that the bookkeeper assigns to assigns to each outcome. They define the corresponding payout on a winning bet, multiplied by the amount bet. The odds are not fixed, they are values that change in relation to the amount of bets that are input into the system, injuries, last-minute inactives, and the weather. The lower the odds presented, the higher the odds are given to the competitor in question to achieve victory. 

If you place a bet on a set odds coefficient and the odds later change, your bet retains the same odds you originally placed the bet on. 

How do you download a betting house’s app your mobile device?

Just like any other app, you can download your betting house’s application from the App Store on iTunes (if you have an iPhone or iPad). 

For the Android version, the drawback is that Google does not allow sports betting apps on GooglePlay. Thus, most betting houses allow you to download the app from a link on their website. 

How do you download a betting house’s Android app?

The GooglePlay store doesn’t allow you to download gambling apps onto your phone, so you need to download the .apk file from your betting house’s website and install it after accepting all the permissions.

Is the mobile app interface good?

The Marathonbet mobile app allows you to have all the benefits of the sports bets, slots, and online casino in a simple, handheld, experience. The appearances are modern and the buttons have the right size to easily select any option of the app. Additionally, the mobile platforms were designed to be fast for searching for matches or events. Every app provides a good option to bet on live sports and betting before matches begin. So, what are you waiting for?