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You no longer have an excuse to miss out on a bet thanks to¬†the new Betfair app¬†available for¬†Android, iPhone and iPad!¬†All bets at your fingertips… and, of course, downloading the Betfair app is FREE.¬†

As we always tell you, apps for betting houses are more useful than you may think.¬†In certain situations, it can be key to be able to bet at any time or any place.¬†Inspiration can come at any moment. What inspiration? The inspiration that suddenly invades you, enlightens you, makes you sure of your prognosis… and you have to place a bet! Has it ever happened to you? Well, in those moments you will regret not having the¬†the Betfair app¬†downloaded on your phone.


Betfair¬†has developed its app to offer its users a complete gaming experience‚ÄĒan experience that allows you to enjoy your bets wherever and whenever you want. Within the app, you will find all key functions you would need to make both simple and combo bets.

Thanks to the results area, you will be able to immediately know what has happened in outstanding events. Also, you’ll be able to see preferred bets from other bettors, which will help you choose your bets. Additionally, you will have access to special promotions and you can control your bets wherever you are!¬†This application is simple and convenient to use. It has everything.¬†It is also regularly updated and improved.

Steps for getting the Betfair app:

  1. The first requirement to be able to download the Betfair app is¬†to be registered with the betting house.¬†If you aren’t registered yet, you can sign up with¬†this link. You will get a wonderful¬†welcome gift of up to 100$ in free bets

2. Download the Betfair app to your OS,¬†the operating system you have on your phone or tablet. Currently, the Betfair app only supports iOS (Apple) and Android devices. The truth is, it doesn’t seem like that scenario will change significantly in the future. Betfair is not expected to adapt or develop new applications for other operating systems as those two¬† dominate the market.¬†

3.¬†Log in to your Betfair account and place your bets. It’s that simple.

Download the Betfair app:

Use the links below to download the version of the Betfair app you need. That is, depending on whether you are an Android or an iOS user (the latest versions of the app require iOS 8.0 or newer). When you do, you will finally be able to use your phone or tablet to access all betting offers Betfair provides. 

Descargar aplicación de móvil Luckia para iPhone y iPadMobile Application for the iPhone and iPad

App Betfair para Android

Descargar aplicación de móvil Luckia para androidMobile Application for the Android

Betfair’s Android app has the inconvenience that Google does not allow you to download any type of sports betting app from GooglePlay. So, you need to download a file with the extension .apk from the Betfair website. Once downloaded, you need to give your phone permission to install the app. Then, you’re ready to bet!¬†

If you have never downloaded an app outside the GooglePlay store don’t worry, its easy. Go to security settings and look for the option “Install from unknown sources / third parties” (or something similar). Here you are telling the phone to install an app that doesn’t come from its only default trusted source, GooglePlay.¬†

Of course, the Betfair app is completely secure and will not damage your phone in any way!

Advantages of the Betfair Mobile App:

Some of the advantages of the application that we highlight are:

  • You can cash-out¬†your bets if you suddenly decide not to go any further. If at any time you think to cut your losses or ensure winnings, use this option. Of course, its important to do this before the end of the game. With Betfair’s app, you don’t have to wait until you get back home and be in front of your computer to close the bet in question. You can also cash-out¬†your bets if you suddenly decide not place any more bets.
  • Acca Edge.¬†When you use Edge, if you lose three or more selections from a single result, Betfair will refund the amount you played. Logically, the combined odds are lower than the original, uninsured one.¬†
  • Quick bet.¬†Place your bets much faster by using just two clicks. It’s never been more simple and intuitive.¬†
  • Betfair video.¬†Live videos of many sports: football, basketball, tenis… even horse and greyhound racing!
  • In-game bets.¬†In this new area you can find and wager at any time on all the live bets for a countless number of sports. In this simple way, you can see all of Betfair’s live offers with the swipe of a finger.
  • The best guaranteed fees.¬†Betfair guarantees the best fees for horse racing in the UK and Ireland.¬†
  • Special promotions.¬†Every day Betfair offers promos and super odds to gain new clients and thank the loyalty of people who have already bet through Betfair (a number which continues to grow).

The Betfair Exchange app

Betfair has its own exclusive app for cross bets:¬†Betfair Exchange.¬†A relief for those who were disappointed by Caracaj’s closure, although Betfair Exchange has always been far more advanced.

Like the Betfair Sports application, to use the Exchange you need to be a registered user with the betting house. It’s not that you have to be registered with Betfair Exchange, but just the house in general. If you aren’t registered yet, you can register in their client file and earn the ¬£100 welcome gift.¬†If you are interested in the bonus, you can read all about it here.¬†¬†

But, what does Betfair Exchange give me? 

In addition to the convenience and comfort, having this software on your phone will give you interesting advantages. Along with all the services the desktop version has, you will have the option to use: 

  • Cash Out.¬†You have the opportunity to close a bet at any time with just one click. This gives you a greater control of your bets. You can cut your losses or guarantee your winnings, depending on whether the bets are good or bad.
  • Favorites.¬†Save your favorite markets and quickly access them through the A-Z menu. To do this, click on the star icon in the “Market View” section. Automatically, the market will be saved in “Your Favorites”.¬†
  • Market control.¬†You can rotate your market screen to see the entire market and not miss any quotes.
  • Mobile PIN.¬†Create a mobile PIN. If you do, just type your code to log in.¬†
  • Updates.¬†Betfair Exchange is constantly updating its app to improve your experience and offer you the best service. The more efficient, the more better.¬†

You can also register yourself directly through the mobile app. In just two minutes, you can access all the Betfair Exchange markets and receive, for example, the welcome promotion. Everything at your fingertips, at any time and place, thanks to your mobile device!

This application can also be downloaded on the App Store on iTunes, if your device is an iPhone or iPad. Like before, if you have an Android you need to download the .apk file from the internet. To download the file, click here.

One last point: Betfair also has an app to game from your mobile device on BetfairCasino.

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